Can I close my account via TextFree Web?




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    Rachel Huntley

    How do i attach a pic from my phones gallery to forward in a txt?

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    Hi Rachel, 

    to send a picture message within the app:

    1. Tap into the conversation
    2. Tap the camera icon to the left of the text box
    3. Tap 'Photos' to select a photo from your gallery and select your photo
    4. The photo will be displayed in the text box > tap send

    More info can be found in this article: 

    FYI: If you are using TextFree Web and want to send a picture via web, you will have to: 

    1. Save the photo from your phone to your computer (ie: email it to yourself)
    2. Tap into the convo on TextFree Web and tap the picture icon (to upload an image)
    3. Select the image > tap open
    4. Click send

    I hope this answers your question! If it does not, please click this link to be taken to the web form where you can submit a ticket 





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